UPR-RP Institutional Assessment

The following figure illustrates the planning process and its relationship to institutional assessment and renewal. At the UPR-RP, institutional assessment takes place at two levels: the campus level and the unit level (e.g., colleges, schools, non-academic offices such as the Office of the Dean of Studies and the Office of the Dean of Administration). These assessment levels complement one another and are integrated into the planning process, which is based on analysis in three main areas: (i) the assessment of student learning outcomes in the classroom, (ii) institutional research, and (iii) institutional effectiveness, which includes the assessment of progress towards meeting strategic goals and the assessment of administrative processes. Analysis done in the third of these areas takes into consideration strategic indicators established in official planning documents that are based on VU 2016.

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UPR-RP Mission Statement Campus Strategic Plan: Vision University 2016 Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Plan (2004) Student Learning Assessment Institutional Research Assessment of Strategic Plan (9 Strategic Goals; 63 Indicators) Project University 2011 (2006) (7 projects) University Aiming at 2016 (2011) (Trazos: 39 projects) Annual Table of Assessment Findings and Transforming Actions Assessment of Student Learning Reports OEAE Annual Report IR Survey Results Reports Progress Report on Assessment of the Annual Work Plans Annual Academic and Administrative Achievement Reports Annual Campus Achievement Report Campus Annual Assessment Report